Library Day and Romano Duo and Long Lasting

November 28 2016:

Library day for Team TLC!! So beautiful when we stepped out of the library …. with our 7 bags of books! Yes. A family of book and nature lovers. Yum! 📚

library-day-outside-11-28-16-1 library-day-outside-11-28-16-2 library-day-outside-11-28-16-3 library-day-outside-11-28-16-4


November 30 2016:

We’re so excited! When The Romano Duo visit for Christmas they get to stay in the same condo complex where we live!! Wahoooo!! (Picture from this past July when we got to cross paths in New Mexico)

Oceans of thanks to Happy’s human companion, Debbie, for letting The Duo stay at her place while she and Happy go home to Florida! Plus, they get a view of the beautiful wee lake from her place!



December 1 2016:

The strap on the Coach purse I’ve used for the past 17 years broke. It was given to me as a gift by Drew Henke; one of the prosecuting attorneys I worked with as a paralegal.

We worked together in the Civil Division at the Pierce County Prosecutors Office. My last stint before I left all that behind and began a different journey. Rest in Peace great little purse!!





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