I Am Peace by Thomas Darnell


January 22 2014:

Um. Yep! Make my heart skip a beat! I appreciate Thomas more than mere words could describe. You know that feeling when you’re reading or watching something and you haven’t realized yet, but you’re holding your breath, you only hear quiet no matter how noisy it is, and you can feel your heart pumping inside your chest? Yep. That!

Here’s what I discovered on his blog yesterday; which he posted on Monday .. Peace Song, “peace is nice, peace is kind”

“I love peace, because I’m therefore it!”

“peace and happiness are sisters”

“I love the world!” … It would fill this young man’s heart with such joy if you would take a minute and comment on his original blog post from 2014! To do that simply click on teh box or link below .. Much love to all y’all!

Peace Song

Thomas Hugging Tree 2014


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