Are You Really Living in the Present Moments of Life

February 20 2017:

“Live in the present. That’s in the past. Let it go.” –Lillian Darnell ...

We teach what we most need to learn. Thank you Lillian for sometimes being the student and sometimes being the teacher.

Winter Wonderland Walk with Lillian Vintage lake 1.24.17 #2

I stand at the beginning of my third week of confronting some deeply buried crud. I feel this week will be the climax and I’m grateful for all that I’ve shared and modeled for Thomas and Lillian as they hold space for me when I need it most.

This year’s theme for me is “The Shift” and I don’t seem to be wasting any time! xoxo – May this resonate with whoever it resonates with … xoxo

“It’s time to step into the flames of the fire. The time is now to connect with that which you fear from your past. The past no longer exists and cannot cause you harm. However, when it is avoided and sidestepped; it does indeed cause you harm.


This avoidance and sidestepping keeps you a prisoner of the past and held captive to a perceived smallness. As the flame grows, be still and know that you are not alone. Be still and know it cannot hurt you. It cannot consume you.


By bringing your light to the flames of the fire, it will be extinguished and transformed into the light of freedom.

The freedom to claim your power. The freedom to know who you are. The freedom to shine your light with others.

Be still. And Know.” – The Journal

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