Book Musings: Real Love in Parenting

August 26 2017:

So much recommend this book! He also has written “Real Love” (which is a great one too) and a novel titled, “Under the Bridge”. Thomas absolutely loved Under the Bridge. It spoke to him deeply!

I also just recently wrote a blog post titled, “The One Thing We Should Be Teaching” … Excerpt ” …. Over the past several months I’ve had a couple of friends ask how homeschooling is going. Without any thought, I answered through my heart with this, “We are learning how to be …. ” 

The One Thing We Should Be Teaching

Excerpt from “Real Love in Parenting” by Greg Baer, M.D. …

“It’s strange, don’t you think, that we go to such great lengths to instruct our children in subjects that most of them will never use ….. and yet we teach them nothing about the one subject – relationships – they will use every day?

Our children are not taught what human beings need most. They don’t understand how relationships work, and then we wonder why they become frustrated and angry. We wonder why they join gangs, why they can’t keep a job, why the jails are full, why more than half of all marriages fail, why people shake their fists at one another on the road, why children are abused and neglected, why relationships seem to come and go like falling leaves, why newspapers are filled with accounts of violence and war, and so on. There’s no mystery in any of this. All these things are guaranteed to happen when we don’t teach our children the basic principles of love and relationships.”

Real Love in Parenting Book 2017

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