Let Them Know They Are Loved


October 8 2012:

After she had just shown me EVERY Mardi Gras costume she has designed, made herself and worn in New Orleans at Mardi Gras since 1992; I said to her, “YOU are a talented woman! What do you do? Are you a designer?”

She got quite, her eyes welled with tears and I could feel the hurt and pain. She went on to explain that she has an MBA and things just haven’t lined up how she wants … she’s in limbo … she hasn’t made any money in a long time. She’s disappointed in herself …..

I instantly felt a connection with her. Those who know me, know why. I touched her arm and her heart, looked her in the eye and said YOU Are an Amazing and Talented Woman, What you Want WILL happen … I shared some of my story with her and gave her one of my books. When it was time to go, I gave her a big hug and repeated what I had said earlier. I could have changed the subject right after I asked the question that brought her to tears. I could have. I chose not too. I chose to let this woman know that she is loved, that she is perfect and that she is worthy.

We have a choice when we come across these moments …. We have a choice … Let others know they are loved … No matter what … xoxo

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