What is Your Job and Other Questions


October 31 2013:

I’m down to 743 unread messages in the great 2013 email purge y’all! Just found a fun email that Lillian sent to me in January 2013 and my response to her … It’s a keeper! That girl is on FIRE!! xoxo

From Lillian: Camilla’s questions

1. What is your job?
2. How did you become famous?
3. Did you have problems?
4. Would you get rich in your life-time?

My Responses: 1) First, I am a guide and mentor for Thomas and Lillian. My purpose is to spread love and kindness to all those I encounter, to write, and to guide special needs parents and anyone who needs my guidance.

2) By being ME!

3) Any problems I’ve ever had were opportunities for me to learn and grow.

4) I am already rich!!! And I do plan on being financially independent very soon!


**Update** November 20 2017 – What a GREAT reminder this served for me this morning! Love it!

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