Have You Ever Had One of Those Mornings

January 11 2018:

You know one of those mornings, after you’ve meditated for 45 minutes and it felt like 10 minutes. And, then you’re writing in your journal and stuff flies through your fingers into your journal that is exactly what you need to hear.

And, then you connect with some deep pain. And, then sob like crazy. And, then a beautiful, perfect, blissful, peace comes over you like you just had a two hour long massage. And then you have an hour and a half Shamanic Reiki healing session, facilitated by an amazing friend, where your traveling through the Aurora Borealis for the entire session?

Well, maybe not.

Yet, that happened for me this morning!! And, I’ve been feeling like James Brown singing “I feel good” all day long!! There’s some coiled latent energy thats uncoiling. Hold on tight! xoxo

(Photo by Markus Kiili)

Northern Lights 2018


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