Fear is at the Root of It


December 11 2015:

I am urged to share with you one of the major themes from a client session this morning.


Fear is at the root of whatever is blocking you. I think at this point we all get that we’ve got to release this fear in order to move forward. However, it’s not just a matter of saying, “I release you fear.” If you are truly committed to moving forward, try the emotional connection technique.

The negative feelings that arise along with thoughts of achieving your end goal will present also as discomfort, or at the least, a physical feeling within the body. First, commit to yourself to move forward. Second, be quiet and still. Focus on where you physically feel the negative feelings. Stay with it. The location may shift places. It may start out in the heart, then go to the stomach, then jump up to the shoulder. Stay with it.

Release any thoughts of labeling the feeling or thinking about why you feel this way. Also release thoughts of and getting caught up in childhood stories should they arise. If you continue to stay with it, the uncomfortable emotion and physical feeling will, at the least, decrease, and, at the most, release all together. This may happen with just one session or you may need several. Once it has completely dissipated, release whatever it is you wish to move forward with ….

Faithfully try this and you may just be surprised ….. Plus, what’s the opposite of fear? LOVE!!! We must connect with the fear to let in the love that’s there waiting for us!

Love, sweet love … xoxo

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