Movie Night: Pele

July 21 2018:

Team TLC movie night: My choice – PELE – Birth of a Legend

I say, “WOW!! I’m not even a sports enthusiast and I loved this movie! Oh my gosh! I loved it!! My heart is still pumped.

Any movie that portrays a people being their true selves and by doing so bringing joy, oneness, and inspiration to individuals and a people is more than worth the time to watch and absorb. Inspiring is too light of a descriptive.

Be you. Never be ashamed of being you. Shine your light. And. Watch this movie. Perhaps it’s where I’m at in my own journey that I find this so deeply meaningful.”

Thomas says, “I liked it a lot and incredibly tense.”

Lillian says, “Good, action-packed, like some of the music, suspenseful, and a lot of drama.”

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