UNO and Car Wash and Swimming and The Guest House

August 5 2018:

UNO time with Lillian!

August 5 2018:

Sunday’s fun adventure!! The car wash!! We came. We saw. We laughed. We went through the worlds largest blow dryer. What an experience! Seriously. Who takes 14 pictures going through the car wash??!! Hahaha!! 😂😜

Rosey is incredibly clean now. I’m so blessed we still have fun doing this after all these years. She’s so clean, we could live in her!

August 6 2018:

Homeschool swimming fun at Historic Bowers Mansion. Plus one accidental photo. Thought it was cool as it shows Thomas’ haphazard flip flops, and the fact that he got more sunscreen on the concrete than himself, plus my wet leg and a refreshed me!! That water is cold, yet felt so darn good!!

August 8 2018:

Am I the only one in the Twilight Zone the past 2 months?

My brain is tired, my body aches, and the rug keeps being pulled out from under me.

And, I’m sure I’m the one pulling the rug. I’m the tormentor and I’m the holder of the key to freedom.

I keep getting the two confused! I’ve been trying to fit into the box and the Universe keeps squishing it flat and sending it back to me!

Holding on by my fingernails … Come August 21st I best have grown those damn wings cause that’s when the last fingernail breaks loose …

I think I’ll go with Rumi on this on …. This Rumi quote hangs on our fridge to remind me when I need it. Oceans of thanks Rumi …. xoxo

It’s time to be grateful for and honorably treat these guests of sorrows who are sweeping the house empty ….

Tomorrow, that is. I shall treat them honorably and be grateful tomorrow. Tonight, I rest …. and perhaps they will rest too … xoxo …. Oceans of love to any and all who be hosting a house of sorrows lately …. YOU are not alone! xoxo


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