Focusing on One Task at a Time

July 30 2019

Had to take a break from working on the upcoming book, “Words of Alchemy” to focus on the 2019 Chromosome 18 family conference. Hoping it’ll be published by end of summer.

Yet, now I must focus on applying information learned at conference, packing to move the beginning of September (not far … about 5 miles from where we are now), and at least 3 huge issues with Lillian turning 18 in September, and maintaining and keeping the momentum going on Meeting the Authors! All good stuff! I am grateful for it all!

Poem included in “Words of Alchemy” … Pre-sales will begin soon! YAY!


Shine bright dear one.
What your brothers
and sisters think
of your shine
matters not.

You see others shine,
and shrink even further
into the smallness of
not shining your light.
Each soul is meant to shine
in their own way
And no two ways will
be exactly the same.

Your shine is dulled by
years and years
of ignoring that
which creates the shine.

Dulled by messages received in childhood,
that you are doing it wrong,
that you don’t know how to do it.

Stories learned in childhood of
how one is supposed to live
how it’s supposed to be done.

The light is ever there.
It has not departed.
You have seen glimpses of it.

To allow the light to shine brightly
you must uncover what you buried
so deeply that you remember not
even having buried it.

What you have buried swings
like a pendulum.
One side, the victim
and the other, the judge.

Uncover it you must.
Face it.
Embrace it.
Know you can no longer
be hurt, or judged.

The vital step
of uncovering, confronting
and releasing cannot be skipped.
Fear has stopped you
from fully uncovering
what has been buried.

Eternal joy cannot be
Unless fear is
embraced by we.
I will face the fear
with you.
You are not alone.

Take my hand
and let us walk
together into
the darkness
and we shall emerge
as one to shine bright
and share love with
the world.

©2019 Camilla Downs

Sneak peek at the cover …. Cover reveal coming soon too! YAY! Again!

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