So Begins the Week Long 18th Birthday Celebration

September 7 2019:

I remember when I was a brand new single parent when Lillian was 5 years old, hiding in the garage and sobbing, thinking how am I going to do this? How will I do this alone? Well, here we are …

Photo from Lillian’s graduation photo shoot …

Tomorrow begins the week long celebration of her 18th Birthday happening on Saturday, the 14th. She has a mile long list of things she wants to do for her birthday so we are having a week long celebration to make it all happen.

This one has an incredibly tender heart. She was sad and disappointed that many at the C18 conference were not aware she had graduated as they were asking what grade she was in now. So, if you missed the millions of posts I posted around that time, here’s your chance to get caught up! HA! Lillian GRADUATED from high school on June 1 2019!! YAY!! And, she turns 18 on Saturday, the 14th. Be ready for a deluge of posts dedicated to her.

This was the perfect spot for the first set. The little garden behind the library. We’ve been coming here ever since she was 5 years old.

I’ve taken tons of photos of the three of us in this little garden throughout the past 12 years.

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