Grind Those Coffee Beans With Whole Chamomile Flowers

May 28 2020

Is it wrong to look forward to “playing” with this every morning? If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right! Ha!

Have to share how much I’m enjoying this recent purchase. About a month ago, when buying coffee beans, I forgot to grind them using the store grinder.

I researched for the best, compact, affordable, manual coffee bean grinder. This is the result. Thomas keeps asking if he can grind my beans. Yes, but, but, then I don’t get to do it. HA!

May 28 2020

I never much cared for chamomile tea. I always thought it weak, with barely any flavor. Until I purchased these organic whole chamomile flowers recently. Oh my goodness. It is quite good! Deep, rich, smooth, and perfect.

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