Conversations with Thomas With a Live Performance

October 25 2021

Conversations with Thomas … Any of the songs in Polar Express can be sung to any of the music in the movie. They’ll obviously sound different, but it works.

I asked him if he read that somewhere or if he figured it out. He figured it out on his own.
He also says it’s one of the most underrated movies: Tom Hanks playing 5 key characters, the computer animation was superior for its time, the soundtrack is great, and the message can be applied to more than just Santa. As it’s about how our thinking changes as we get older.

I’m just now sure what I’d do if I didn’t have this amazing person in my life to have conversations with. I don’t post as much about them as I did when he was young. Yet, just about every day, we have such meaningful, deep (or sometimes just plain fun) conversations, blessing me more than I know what to do with sometimes.

October 31 2021

Thomas has been taking piano lessons since January 2021. Last night I was invited into his room for a performance to an audience of ONE … ME!

The song he played was less than a minute, and is from one of the online games that he loves. It warmed my heart, and brought much joy that he is finally comfortable enough to play for me. I’m so very proud of Thomas! xoxo

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