Slow Going with Basil

December 25 2021

Basil has been with us two weeks now. ❤️ He’s leaving his safe space underneath the bed more often. He comes out to just relax, or play with his toys with Thomas. But if Thomas moves, he’s straight back under the bed. Definitely still hides if he catches site of me.

Thomas left his door open one night this past week. I woke to suspicious signs that someone had been snooping around the tree. One ornament off the tree, and one gift knocked over. Good signs that Basil is getting more comfortable, trusting, and feeling safe.

Slow going. Yet, we’ll get there. It’s actually good that it is slow going, as it’s giving Lillian the opportunity to get used to knowing Basil is here, even if hidden. I’m concerned that Basil won’t warm up to Thomas, or any of us. It seems to be moving slower than a snail’s pace.

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