Throwback Post: Long Walk with Ears and Laughter While Listening to the Sounds


August 3 2015:

Thomas and I went for a long walk this morning. In the distance, as we were approaching this fence, these big eyes and ears were watching us. What fun!! We bid Ms. Llama a good day and she continued on her way. HA!!!!


August 3 2011:


Had one of THE BEST 10 minutes EVER tonight! Sat outside with Lillian just after the sun had set behind the mountain, listened to the sounds, looked at the lights and the sky and we each tried to see what we could smell. Just beautiful!


August 3 2009:

Off to Dallas early tomorrow morning. Then to Houston ’til Thursday to have a mini Oaklawn Jr High re-union, back to Dallas on Thursday for the awesome eWn Conf & back home Sunday night. I will have enough fun for all of you!! Thanks Mom & Frank

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