Throwback Post: The Dance of Craziness


July 24 2016:

Finally getting to work on the blog post(s) about the trip. I’ve already been posting on our Team TLC website, yet this one will be on my own website and completely different. Here’s a snippet …

” …. Thoughts of us being stranded due to car problems kept entering my thoughts like a dark storm cloud encroaching on the brightest of days. Thoughts of the lack of finances for this trip took their turn in the dance also.

Not to be left out of the dance, thoughts of my insanity at attempting this cut into the dance too. All of this dance to be completed with the veil of anxiety and worry weaving in and out like a breeze blowing through the trees.

Thankfully, I am a student of mindfulness and emotional connection. And, since there was nothing else to do but sit and drive, I took this opportunity to put these practices to work. It was a rapturous dance between being mindful, connecting with emotions, and embracing the fear wanting to dance with me … ” Must take a break now for lunch and getting this place cleaned up! xoxoxo

Here’s the link to the full post …

A Rapturous Dance With Life

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