Breathe In and Breathe Out and Feel It by Camilla Downs

May 25 2019:

Written in response to a call for an essay about gratitude … Sent on wings of appreciation and love … With a photo of Nature’s Beauty …

I had a decision to make. I could continue to be stuck in a place of self pity, of feeling like I’m not one of the chosen who gets to have a peaceful, abundant, and joyful life. By no means was this an easy decision to make. I struggled on and off for more than 20 years with a core belief that people like me do not get to have an easy,…

Breathe In and Breathe Out and Feel It

How Do You Connect and Release With Emotions

November 22 2017:

I was feeling deeply down in the dump yesterday morning. Part of me wanted to sit and sulk and feel sorry myself. Yet, another part of me new that the time is now to start doing it different.

So I made a conscious decision to let myself feel this down moment, yet to also just do something …. anything. I’m purging the filing cabinet so as to pass it on, so I grabbed a folder and began going through it.

Rather than make a neat little pile of recycle items, I decided to do it different. I just threw them over my shoulder. Thomas and Lillian had a ball watching me as I was making faces and wild sounds while doing it.

I felt more like myself by the time I was finished, too. Feeling and release are so incredibly wonderful. Then Thomas and I went to Washoe Lake for our date day. Nature stepped in and helped to clear the remnants. As we drove home, I felt lighter, considerably different, and much better! xoxo

Releasing the Dumps Camilla 11.22.17

This was great! Of course, I didn’t think so at the time but it felt good to be bringing laughter to Thomas and Lillian at the same time as connecting with the heaviness I felt. xoxo

Emotional Connection and Free and at Peace


October 11 2015:

Thank you Barbara Richmond Chastain for asking me to be a part of the Connexions Workshop today. I thoroughly enjoyed facilitating the Emotional Connexion segment. I’m grateful I got to experience the emotional connection that happened for the participants.

After I left we went to Big Washoe Lake and Little Washoe Lake where I took this picture of Thomas. This is how I hope everyone felt afterwards … Free and at peace. xoxo

Thomas Little Washoe Lake 10.11.15

Oh my gosh! He had such a great time. First he asked if he could take off his shoes and walk in it. “Sure”, I said.

Then, he asked if we could come here on our next date so he could wear his swimsuit and get all the way in. I told him that wouldn’t be til November so take your shirt off and get in now! YES! xoxo

How to Connect With Emotions


February 20 2016:

“The precursor to defining emotional connection is to reach acceptance that negative emotions and discomfort are a part of us. Then, begin the practice of not running from the uncomfortable emotions, or squashing them with positivity, or feeling a failure for having them. Emotional connection is …. ”

“Let the power of your emotions open you up … Take your seat in the middle of your home ground and rouse your confidence – your innate capacity to open to your experience.” – Pema Chodron’s “Living Beautifully“

What is Emotional Connection


How to Mindfully Dance with Life

January 9 2017:

Top 10 Countdown Continues! The Number SEVEN 2016 blog post with the most views: “A Rapturous Dance With Life” ……. xoxoxoxoxo …….

A Rapturous Dance With Life

…. “Thoughts of us being stranded due to car problems kept entering my mind like a dark storm cloud encroaching on the brightest of days. Not to be left out of the dance, thoughts of my insanity at attempting this cut into the dance too. All of this dance to be completed with the veil of anxiety and worry weaving in and out like a breeze blowing through the trees …..

…. I had stepped way out of my comfort zone with this trip. I had never driven this far, much less driven this far being the only one in charge of packing, driving, and navigating. Plus, we had never … ”


An Open Letter to My Daughter’s Meltdowns

January 3 2017:


Top 10 Countdown! The 2016 blog post on with the most views: Dear Meltdown – The article which was quickly accepted and published by elephant journal.

May this land in front of the one who would benefit from reading it …

Dear Meltdown: Meet My Friend Mindfulness


Completion and New Beginnings

December 14 2016

Here’s to completion and new beginnings!!

Today we graduated from psychotherapy sessions with Alexa at Midtown Mindfulness.

After a trip back home to Germany beginning tomorrow, Alexa will begin her new journey helping young girls affected by sex trafficking. A beautiful heart centered new beginning for her.

We are extremely grateful for the year and a half we’ve experienced sessions with Alexa. She has seen Lillian come a long way from that first visit in 2014.

Alexa always shared wonderful comments about my style of parenting and ability to stay calm and relaxed. Of course I’m not always able to sustain this, yet how would I know the joy and peace of remaining calm if I don’t experience the opposite.

Mindfulness is indeed miraculous and has been life changing for all 3 of us. Another wonderful path in our journey together!!! Cheers!!!!!


The Language You Speak

November 4 2016:

“Your reflection draws the attention,
even from afar.
My heart and soul know
the language you speak.
Your message forever more comforting.
I love you.” ~Camilla Downs


You Lift Me

October 29 2016:

“When I’m tired, you lift me.
When my thoughts have settled on sadness,
you hold a gentle space for me.
You remind me to unfold with life
and help me remember to simply be.” ~ Camilla Downs



New Post on Camilla’s blog

“Getting to the Bottom of Grumpiness”

One Sunday not too long ago, I was in a downright grumpy mood. Thomas and Lillian had joined in on the grumpiness. The tension and angst in the air was as thick as mud.

I completely disconnected from being mindful or even attempting to connect with this emotion. I ultimately decided to excuse myself and go for a much needed walk to connect with this grumpiness so as to release it.

A mere few minutes after heading out for the walk, I passed by … Go here to read the full story.

Heart Rock March 2016 Walk


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