Where Did Mindfulness Originate


October 8 2014:

I had fun researching for this blog post! What is the meaning of mindfulness? Does it make your eyes roll even thinking about it? Or, does it bring feelings of peace just thinking about it?

I was curious just where the word originated, where the practice of “mindfulness” originated and what does it mean in the current Western civilization. I researched what it means to be mindful, the skills of mindfulness, and a few mindfulness exercises. I also found a great mindfulness quiz and share my results with you! Have fun!

“Mindfulness has its origin in ancient meditation practices. According to Dictionary.com the term mindful originated in in late Middle English around 1375 and is defined as being attentive or aware. Before that, in 1200, was a now obsolete term of mindiness. It’s not clear from researching … ” Go here to read more …

Inspired Living: What Does Mindfulness Mean


How to Mindfully Dance with Life

January 9 2017:

Top 10 Countdown Continues! The Number SEVEN 2016 CamillaDowns.com blog post with the most views: “A Rapturous Dance With Life” ……. xoxoxoxoxo …….

A Rapturous Dance With Life

…. “Thoughts of us being stranded due to car problems kept entering my mind like a dark storm cloud encroaching on the brightest of days. Not to be left out of the dance, thoughts of my insanity at attempting this cut into the dance too. All of this dance to be completed with the veil of anxiety and worry weaving in and out like a breeze blowing through the trees …..

…. I had stepped way out of my comfort zone with this trip. I had never driven this far, much less driven this far being the only one in charge of packing, driving, and navigating. Plus, we had never … ”


How a Family of Three Lives in a Tiny Home

January 5 2017:

Top 10 Countdown Continues! The Number THREE 2016 CamillaDowns.com blog post with the most views: “Living in a Tiny Home Adventures – Four Months” … Hoping to write an update post on this! It’s been a while!

“One night after dinner and dishes, I cleared the table. Thomas and I then played a “homemade” version of ping pong using what we had. Brought so much deep belly laughter … From Lillian too as she watched us. I think the ball had fun too …..

Living in Tiny Home Adventures – Four Months



Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016 – Camilla Downs

December 24 2016:

With deep gratitude to all who subscribe to and read the content I write and share ….

I have been working my way through stats to put together the Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016. It’s wonderful to look back and see which posts received the most views. Go here to check it out! https://camilladowns.com/…/24/10-most-popular-posts-for-2016/

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How to Have a Mindful Christmas Countdown

November 25 2016:

day-5-mindful-christmas-countdown-2016 day-9-of-mindful-christmas-countdown-2016 day-10-of-mindful-christmas-countdown-2016

Last year Team TLC had a mindful Christmas countdown. For the past few years we had a “spreading happiness and kindness” countdown and I I felt moved to add another layer to it last year.

Thought I’d share again for anyone interested … Have FUN! xoxo

Sample: Day 1: The word of the day is “Joy” – “Find Joy, Bring Joy, BE Joy” …. in everything you do today. Take at least 5 minutes, or more, to think about a person who brings you joy. Then spend some time bringing joy to someone today. You can do this with a smile, a kind word, helping them, or whatever you feel moved to do. On the outside of the heart the following words are written, “Keep this with you all day”.

Go here for the entire list …

Mindful Christmas Countdown 2015