How a Family of Three Lives in a Tiny Home

January 5 2017:

Top 10 Countdown Continues! The Number THREE 2016 blog post with the most views: “Living in a Tiny Home Adventures – Four Months” … Hoping to write an update post on this! It’s been a while!

“One night after dinner and dishes, I cleared the table. Thomas and I then played a “homemade” version of ping pong using what we had. Brought so much deep belly laughter … From Lillian too as she watched us. I think the ball had fun too …..

Living in Tiny Home Adventures – Four Months



How to Decorate Minimally for Christmas

November 27 2016:

Tree and decorations to match tiny home living …. Simple and minimal …. Well into our second year in this lovely one bedroom, one bathroom 815 square foot condo ….. Love, love, love …. xoxo

christmas-decorations-11-27-16-1 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-2 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-3 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-4 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-5 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-6 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-7 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-8 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-9 christmas-decorations-11-27-16-10