How Do You Connect and Release With Emotions

November 22 2017:

I was feeling deeply down in the dump yesterday morning. Part of me wanted to sit and sulk and feel sorry myself. Yet, another part of me new that the time is now to start doing it different.

So I made a conscious decision to let myself feel this down moment, yet to also just do something …. anything. I’m purging the filing cabinet so as to pass it on, so I grabbed a folder and began going through it.

Rather than make a neat little pile of recycle items, I decided to do it different. I just threw them over my shoulder. Thomas and Lillian had a ball watching me as I was making faces and wild sounds while doing it.

I felt more like myself by the time I was finished, too. Feeling and release are so incredibly wonderful. Then Thomas and I went to Washoe Lake for our date day. Nature stepped in and helped to clear the remnants. As we drove home, I felt lighter, considerably different, and much better! xoxo

Releasing the Dumps Camilla 11.22.17

This was great! Of course, I didn’t think so at the time but it felt good to be bringing laughter to Thomas and Lillian at the same time as connecting with the heaviness I felt. xoxo

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