Throwback Post: The Feedback Confirms It

(Camilla at Lake Tahoe Summer 2013)


February 5, 2013

I had myself a little ole meltdown tonight. Went to my room and closed the door. Heard Thomas and Lillian talking with each other. They came into my room and Lillian had typed in her Proloquo2Go app 3 things. 1) Take some deep breaths 2) Self-talk 3) Don’t worry, Be Happy ….

These are some of the ideas I give them for when they are feeling angry or sad. These two really are listening to me! Using my own stuff on ME! One “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Song, one “Every little things gonna be all right” song, one “Home” song, lots of Thomas hugs, and a Lillian in my lap later …. ahhhhhhhh!

It was a good release! Not just for me, for Thomas too. Mr. T was so moved by my meltdown he shared some things with me that were bothering him. He told me a fib earlier today and it was really bothering him. ONWARD!!!! Hugs and deep breaths for anyone needing them!!

What I am teaching my children is that they have a choice in how they relate to people, situations, events … reality. People, situations, and events just ARE. It is the space between the stimulus and response where we get to choose whether we will take a negative view and/or respond in an unkind manner. I am attempting to teach them to recognize that space and to know they have a choice. Ultimately what they choose will be up to them. They are each their own person.

My hope is that as they mature and encounter difficult people or situations they will have the wisdom that they get to choose their response because that’s what they saw me do when I encountered difficult situations and/or people.

For whatever reasons I am moved to share my life and my family with others. I stopped questioning why a few years ago. I often receive feedback that confirms why I am to share my life.

Someone said to me the other day that I came into her life at just the right time. She was feeling so overwhelmed and had decided to leave her marriage. After connecting with me, she released many of the things she was letting overwhelm her and changed her mind about leaving her marriage.

So I will continue to share my life. No matter those that disagree. If it helps one person, if it turns one persons life around, if it inspires one person to conquer fears, if it enriches the lives of others …. My reason for being here is fulfilled.

(Camilla at Lake Tahoe Summer 2013 – PS … Lake Tahoe water is freezing cold!)

**March 2021 Update – This was before I learned the concept of emotional connection, making sure to allow oneself to physically feel and experience emotions. So my views on it, and what I modeled to Thomas and Lillian shifted once I learned how important it is in furthering one’s growth, and mental/emotional health. The person I mention in the next to last paragraph … She continued to move forward and is happily married to that same person.