Throwback Post: Cloudy With a Chance of Stuck Things in Vegas


December 9 2014:

Cloudy sunshine … summer 2014 … Love when the clouds and sun play!


December 9 2013:

That was one wild n crazy morning! Had to fix a stuck garage door and a stuck coat zipper! Who needs coffee? That’ll wake you up … especially when it’s about 0 degrees outside! Garage door wouldn’t open and the car was in the way of reaching the control box which hangs from the ceiling. Had to kneel on the car to reach the box so I could tighten the “open door” control. Success! Team TLC was released from our garage and Lillian was able to put on her coat without having to step inside of it! Got the zipper unstuck! I’m done unsticking stuff for now please … Happy “Moving Freely” Monday Morning Y’all!


December 9 2011:

Another Vegas Thanksgiving favorite . . .

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