Throwback Post: Library Time With an Abundance of Gratitude


November 30 2014:

Forgot to post our library picture yesterday afternoon! Yep! We’re crazy wild about these things called books. It’s a permanent entry on our calendar every 2 weeks!


November 30 2013:

Library time … we committed our first random act of kindness too! Wahoo! Let the kindness adventures begin!


November 30 2012:

Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m thankful and grateful to have our house that we live in.


November 30 2012:

As this month of sharing publicly what I am thankful for comes to an end … I’m signing off with this one …. I am grateful for ME, thankful that I chose to journey within myself to discover my true inner self, my purpose, my passion, and my unique gift … I’m glad y’all are part of this journey … Big Warm Hug!! Here’s a post I wrote about this back in September …


Lillian’s gratitude for today:

I am thankful for Christmas coming and for having my iPhone working again.


November 30 2011:

Today I am thankful for those who are helping make my book, D iz for Different, a reality! I’m finalizing the edits this week and submitting to my lovely editor, Sara! Thank you Sara and thank you Natalie for helping with the book cover. Thank you Paulina for the team TLC photo session. Thank you Daniel for your awesome artwork. Thank you Debe for the connection with Jim Stovall which resulted in a beautiful endorsement. And, thank you to the women of the WOW writer’s club. What we started just over a year ago has become so much more . . . Thank you Kymberlee, Cheri, Glenna, Lisa, Clare, Karyn, Beverly, Emma, Jamie, Susan, Kimberly and Rachel! Thankful, blessed and grateful . . .


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