Throwback Post: A Twist to the Lillian Presentation


November 2 2014:

Tomorrow I get to give the “Lillian Presentation” again. But, this time it’s in a slightly different context as I’ll be subbing in Candeleria (Thomas’ class of 1st – 3rd graders). When I was subbing there back in September somehow we got on the topic of disabilities. I may have had something to do with that!! 😉

They were hungry for more and had so many questions. I told them I would let Ms. Nicole know they wanted to know more. Tomorrow, they shall learn more! Gonna start by reading, “Spookley – The Square Pumpkin” and then move into the presentation.

I also have some cool books I got when giving the Lillian presentation during her lower elementary school days. “You’re Full of Genes”, “What Happens When People Talk?” and “How You Talk”. Looking forward to a GREAT day tomorrow with the Candeleria students!

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