Throwback Post – D iz for Different Review


October 29 2012:

Thanks Michelle for the kind words in your Amazon Review!! Big ole hug to YOU!!

I ordered this book because my friend Camilla Downs wrote it and I had lost contact with her for many years and thanks to Facebook we were reconnected an I found out about her book and had to get it so I could see how her life was going and so glad I did..I never knew any of the things she talked about in her book, and I don’t have a special needs child but the book help me in so many ways just by reading it and understanding its all in the way you look and view your life as to how it can turn out ….you can be negative Nancy and you will be unchanged or you can be positive polly and forever be changed…thanks Cam for letting the world read about your life I am forever changed love you much…thanks fb for inventing a site for people to reconnect and keep in touch with family and friends and last but not least thank you Amazon for selling her books an so many other things that we can purchase and have not fears of being scammed its safe an fast to order from… all the thanks and praise goes the the Big Man Upstairs the Lord thank you most of all…..sincerely Michelle….


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