March 2012 Date Day with Thomas

Thomas and I had our date while Lillian was getting ST, OT and PT. Today’s date day was at Scheels! Perfect place for a date with this young man.

First stop is getting two tokens for the ferris wheel and then it’s the fresh water fish tanks. These are so awesome!! Marketing genius who ever came up with this idea and the ferris wheel in the middle of the store!

Little bit worried but so much enjoyed his ferris wheel ride!

Headed upstairs to explore!

Loved the Abraham Lincoln exhibit.

Thomas Jefferson was his favorite! “I love Thomas Jefferson” he says. I’ve told him that’s where his name came from. In addition, to Thomas Edison. He loves that his name came from such awesome historical people.

Thomas found this sign and remembers that I wrote something very similar in a card for him. Wanted me to take his picture next to it … Melt my heart to pieces young man!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Life Is Good!! Perfect slogan for Team TLC and perfect date day!!!

Time for chocolate gelato – YUM!!!!!!!

Can you tell he loves it and gets every last drop out of the bowl?

Til next time Mr. Fish!!

We spent a total $4 on this date!! $2 for the ferris wheel ride and $2 for chocolate gelato for Thomas! Our dates are about fun, adventure, and exploring …. NOT spending money!! I want Thomas and Lillian to see how easy it is to create adventures and have fun without it costing a ton of money!

Before bed Thomas told me he loves me and our adventures. Then he sang me a song about how much he loves me and loves that I created Team TLC for our family.

I hope you take the time to treat your little (and big) ones to a special date day … just the two of you.


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