Happy World by Lillian Darnell

July 21 2016:

Lillian got inspired by a drawing she created yesterday …. This is an incredible story and looks like it will be the story of how Mr. Happy Tree came to be.

Lillian drew a tree last summer that we named Mr. Happy Tree and I told her he is going to be a great book character … The 2nd picture is Mr Happy Tree from last summer. Hope you enjoy …

“One day, a bird picked up a seed to eat. A few minutes later, the bird decided that it wasn’t the right seed. The bird threw it back down. That was the beginning of the Happy World.

As the years past, the tree grew until it had several branches and a strong trunk. The strong tree became known as the Happy Tree. The Happy Tree decided to produce a seed. The seed grew with happiness and love. One day, the seed blossomed into a young beautiful tree that didn’t grow much after that point.” Go here to read the rest … https://lilliandarnell.com/2016/07/20/a-happy-world/

Thomas, Lillian and Camilla = Team TLC
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