Lillian and Camilla August 2016 Date Day

August 26 2016:

Lillian and Camilla August 2016 half-date … Went to pick up dessert, then to get her a new pair of sunglasses since hers broke last week. Then we enjoyed our dessert in the moonlight at the lodge.

And ended our date with a starlit walk by the lake. Too dark for pictures. Lillian wanted to visit one of our regular parks for a date day walk but it got dark before we were ready. So, we will do that next week.

Here’s to going on 15 years of date days, once a month, with this beautiful one!

lillian-and-camilla-august-2016-date-day-8-26-16-2 lillian-and-camilla-date-day-august-8-26-16-1

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