Walking Happy and Oktoberfest and Morse Code

October 21 2016:

Thomas and Camilla walking Happy this morning. Enjoying being Happy’s dog nanny …. as his human calls us. 💙💚🐾 …. xoxo



October 21 2016:

So fun tonight at The Vintage Oktoberfest!!!! We love where we live!! Check out the cool Polaroid picture Chrissy took of Team TLC!

team-tlc-oktoberfest-the-vintage-10-21-16-1 team-tlc-oktoberfest-the-vintage-10-21-16-2 team-tlc-oktoberfest-the-vintage-10-21-16-3


October 22 2016:

Walking Happy yesterday afternoon. As I walked past the trees this greeted me. Oh yes, Happy, we must stop a moment so I can soak it in and capture it. xoxo



October 22 2016:

Thank you Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN) for treating families to a day at the Discovery Museum! Thomas and Lillian loved it! Last visit there was summer 2015!

team-tlc-at-discovery-museum-10-22-16-1 team-tlc-at-discovery-museum-10-22-16-2 team-tlc-at-discovery-museum-10-22-16-3 team-tlc-at-discovery-museum-10-22-16-4 team-tlc-at-discovery-museum-10-22-16-5 team-tlc-at-discovery-museum-10-22-16-6 team-tlc-at-discovery-museum-10-22-16-7 team-tlc-at-discovery-museum-10-22-16-8

Lillian’s name in morse code … via Thomas ….

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