Seatbelt and Review and Preparing

January 2 2017

Buckling your own seatbelt …

I’m going through papers before sitting down to create my 2017 mind map and two theme words for the year and came across Lillian’s intention card from when she was eleven years old.

She did indeed accomplish this by that summer, I believe. I felt moved to share. May this give you pause and deep heart centered reflection as you move into the new year. xoxo

January 2 2017:
Deep in review of 2016 and coming to a knowing of 2017. Listening to music, eyes closed at times, remembering, reflecting, envisioning. This feels different than any other time in the past. Feels wonderful, feels the pretense to a huge shift …. xoxo
January 3 2017:
Throwback to 2011 … At nine years old she finally blew out candles!!! Blowing breath out of one’s mouth is a miracle … A miracle indeed! xoxo
January 6 2017:

Finalizing review of 2016 and coming to the knowing of 2017. Lillian is done with this part of the process. And Thomas may create his in the moment.

We had a nearly two hour family meeting last night. I shared my theme of 2017 – The Shift. Shared my two words for the year: Knowing and Allowing. And my anchor – Writing.

I also shared that there is deep tiredness within me. All part of the process for me and a quality that is an integral part of the shift that will occur.

I will be releasing some things that do not serve me nor our family. And, as of now, may very well be as a tree and hibernate for the winter. Will create a blog post with the final 2017 vision and more details. If interested, I invite you to sign up to receive blog posts directly to your email. xoxo

Prep Work for 2017 Goals and Visions 1.6.17

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