Sharing Life Stories With Your Kids


February 18 2016:

Team TLC at Vintage Oktoberfest 8.21.16

For many years now I’ve been sharing a “life story” with Thomas and Lillian before bed. They take turns choosing a topic or word and I share what comes to mind from my past. Tonight Thomas chose the word “Panama”.

The first thing that came to mind was Van Halen’s song, “Panama“, and thoughts of watching the music video on MTV. We looked it up afterwards so they could hear the song. I don’t think Lillian was impressed that I know all the words.

I deeply love this tradition we began so many years ago. It brings much laughter, silliness, and sometimes tears (on my part).

Love, sweet love … xoxo

**Update** March 9 2017: We are still doing this! With one twist. I have now brought Thomas and Lillian into the story telling. We take turns telling a life story and also take turns with who gives the clue word.

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