Paper Towels in the Dishwasher and Dinner Outside and Alchemist

March 12 2017:

“The paper towels are in the dishwasher … along with the light bulbs.” – Me to Thomas yesterday as he was helping to clean. What you use the dishwasher for when you don’t use it and have extremely limited storage space. xoxo


We got to enjoy our first dinner outside today! Fist bump toast for that! Wahoo!

Busy, busy day of working on blogs and then more purging and organizing. About seven years of downsizing, purging, and simplifying and I still find more to throw out or pass on.

Space …. feels so good when it’s clear and not cluttered. Here’s a fun and sparkly picture I took a few weeks ago of a wee icicle shifting back into liquid. The Shift! xoxo

Melting Icicles from 2.22.17 for 3.11.17 Post

March 15 2017:

Come by and see Thomas and I tonight at Achemist Theatre! We’ll have a table with Biggest Little Photographer and D iz for Different!! Can’t wait to hear tonight’s message and the GREAT music! xoxo

Team TLC and Biggest Little and D iz for Different March 2017

March 18 2017:

Just home from Alchemist Salon for Giants [discussion group] …. Thank you Matthew McDowell and Jessica Levity Daylover of Alchemist Theatre (including ALL of the Alchemist chiefs). I am deeply grateful for the space, synchronicity, events, and discussions over these past three months.

I was moved in December 2016 to have as my 2017 theme, “The Shift”. I knew not what this entailed. Yet, I agreed to it, signed up, and jumped in with all my heart.

It has definitely not been easy, nor fun, yet the freedom from the past, and from anxiety and fear, is worth every freaking second! There is so much shift happening on so many levels and I am beyond thankful that part of the shift involves all of you. So much love …. xoxo

Camilla's 2017 Vision Board 1.14.17

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