I Love How Crazy I Am

October 17 2017:

Just got home and I am so full of warm fuzzy feelings. I had to make a quick run to the library tonight to return some items in the after hours drop. It would have taken about 15 minutes round trip.

Instead of driving alone, I invited Thomas and Lillian to come along so we could make it into an adventure. It reminded me so much of when they were younger and we made every single trip in the car into an adventure.

We drove to the library and I took a different and longer way home. As I was driving, Thomas asked where to next. I thought, you got that right.

So we took a drive down memory lane and then some. Turned a 15 minute run to the library into an hour long adventure.

I Loved That. I Love It. I love how crazy I am. I love that I bust out in song, in verse, in rhyme simply in conversation with them.

I love how things Thomas and Lillian say cause me to think about songs or movies and I bust out with movie titles or singing crazy songs.

I love it when I cause Lillian to laugh so hard she’s crying. I love how fast I can improvise and I love when we are all in sync with being spontaneous!

This message brought to you by … Love …. We now return you to your normal programming ….. xoxoxoxo

Driftwood Heart Hidden Beach August 2016 #1

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