Doing This Life Dance With Thomas – Happy 12th Birthday

December 8 2017:

A wee bit late creating this for Thomas … Yet, this is part of his birthday present (His birthday was 11.13.17)

Thomas ….

In this, your twelfth year
orbiting the sun ….

You light up my life
like I could never
have imagined ….

For I fully believe
you and I have a long
history beyond the
earth suits we now wear.

You and I made an
agreement to help
one another past
blocks that we’ve
held onto for
many lifetimes.

Thank you for staying
true to our long
ago made agreement.

As much and as many
times as I’d like
to stick my head
in the sand and
pretend I don’t know
what I know.

Thomas Arthur ….
My soulmate from
another time, another place.
You are one
who truly
knows me.

Knows me enough ….
to call me on
my own BS.
Standing up to me
when the ego
rears its nastiness.

You came swimming
into this world
on the thirteenth
of November 2005,
and have known
from the moment
of your first breath
who you are …
And have never
forgotten to stay
true to your heart.

Yet, you remind
me often that you
too are human …
With unkind
remarks and
Indeed a reminder
of the Yin and Yang
of this wondrous
thing called Life.

I am so
incredibly blessed
by having you
as a partner in
this dance of life.

In other words … You are Unforgettable and I Love YOU!!


How lucky can one mom be? Let me …. Go here to read the rest …

The Dance of Life with Thomas – Happy 12th Birthday

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