Cover and Interior Finished and Ordered Proof and Lillian Gives an Update – Where Would You Fly Book

December 18 2017:

Cover and Interior are FINISHED on our end and submitted for review with the printer! Hallelujah!!

December 20 2017:

Just. Ordered. The. Proof book. Oh my gosh! This book is so incredibly beautiful! xoxo

December 21 2017:

So much love and gratitude for and to Kate Raina!! The one I have referred to as our Angel Book Designer.

She took Lillian’s writings and my ideas and made them into a beautiful and eye pleasing book. We are so incredibly blessed by your determination, hard work, love, and kindness Kate!!

If you are in need of a fabulous graphic designer, please reach out to Kate. She is part of our C18 family and is a single mom also. Love you tons and tons Kate!!

Plus, Plus!! The proof book has shipped! It’s on the way to us!! xoxo

 Sneak Peek Where Would You Fly Book 12.21.17 Proof Shipped Where Would You Fly 12.21.17 Sneak Peek Where Would You Fly C18 Page 12.21.17

December 21 2017:

Lillian gives an update regarding the book.

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