Whimsical Nature of Childhood – Where Would You Fly

May 19 2018:

Camilla and Lillian with Where Would You Fly Book 12.22.17

What a great reminder – Just enjoy the whimsical nature of childhood …. especially as an adult!! Thank you Lois!!

“This book is absolutely delightful! The stories, poems and quotations inspired me to just enjoy the whimsical nature of childhood. The author’s writing spans her own childhood, and I think any young person would enjoy this book immensely! This book would make a great gift!” – Lois, Louisiana

To learn more go here … https://www.WhereWouldYouFly.com 


Where Would You Fly – Smile on Your Face and Emerging from a Wonderland

April 24 2018:

It was a GREAT day to add San Antonio, Texas to the pin map for Where Would You Fly!!! Be free and have fun flying!

Where Would You fly Book to Mark San Antonio 4.24.18

April 27 2018:

What a blessing … xoxo … Causes my heart to go pitter patter … xoxo

“I read Lillian’s book on a plane trip and having a few hours up my sleeve, I found myself lost in a wonderful world of imagination. Everything on and in this Earth having a reason to be and having a name. What a delight, what a beautiful soul Lillian is and projects this into her stories.

I recommend reading this magical book of tales and get lost in days gone by when the world was a nicer place to be in. You will close the book with a smile on your face and a feeling of just emerging from a wonderland. Well done Lillian, I love your mind and stories you share with us.” -Ailsa, Australia

To learn more about the book, go here …. WhereWouldYouFly.com

Dear Winterius by Lillian Darnell


December 13 2013:

Lillian cracks me up!!! This year for her multicultural project she chose hieroglyphics and for one of the genres she chose to write a letter. I explained to her last night that it needed to match the period and not mention modern stuff. Just got done reading it! Awesome! Next we translate it into hieroglyphics using this cool website we found!

“Dear Winterius,
Hi there Winterius! I am bringing over your cow that I had borrowed in November through March. Even though it’s May I’m making my way over to your temple. Tell your mother I’m coming. It just happened that my animals had run away so I’m wondering if you can help me work. Is that okay with you? In fact, it’s the whole reason I’d borrowed your cow for. I’m very sorry that I didn’t tell you before because it’s so unusual for the animals to disappear. Are you married to anyone yet? You are 12. You should be married to a man named Sirius because he knows about all laws and is the pharaoh so you’ll be the pharaoh so when you leave for any dead pharaoh in any area to make a pyramid.

Your Egyptian Friend,

I love having you at my temple! Bye now!”

Dear Winterius Letter from Lillian 12.13.13

**Update – March 12 2018: I missed getting this one in Lillian’s debut book, Where Would You Fly? …. If you’d like to learn more about her book, go here …. https://www.LillianDarnell.com/author

Proof Book Has Arrived – Where Would You Fly

December 22 2017:

Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!!! Look what just got delivered!!!!

Lillian with Proof Book Where Would You Fly 12.22.17

Camilla and Lillian with Where Would You Fly Book 12.22.17

Another from Friday …. Squeal!!! I’m reviewing, reviewing, reviewing like crazy! xoxo

Lillian with Proof Book Where Would You Fly 12.22.17 #2

I’ve been working hard at combing through the proof book to make sure all items that need to be addressed are spotted! This is THE final stretch!! Thank you to those who have pre-ordered 44 books to date! If you would like to learn more about the book go here …. https://www.LillianDarnell.com/author …. 

Cover and Interior Finished and Ordered Proof and Lillian Gives an Update – Where Would You Fly Book

December 18 2017:

Cover and Interior are FINISHED on our end and submitted for review with the printer! Hallelujah!!

December 20 2017:

Just. Ordered. The. Proof book. Oh my gosh! This book is so incredibly beautiful! xoxo

December 21 2017:

So much love and gratitude for and to Kate Raina!! The one I have referred to as our Angel Book Designer.

She took Lillian’s writings and my ideas and made them into a beautiful and eye pleasing book. We are so incredibly blessed by your determination, hard work, love, and kindness Kate!!

If you are in need of a fabulous graphic designer, please reach out to Kate. She is part of our C18 family and is a single mom also. Love you tons and tons Kate!!

Plus, Plus!! The proof book has shipped! It’s on the way to us!! xoxo

 Sneak Peek Where Would You Fly Book 12.21.17 Proof Shipped Where Would You Fly 12.21.17 Sneak Peek Where Would You Fly C18 Page 12.21.17

December 21 2017:

Lillian gives an update regarding the book.

Bar code Graphic – Closer and Closer – Where Would You Fly

December 10 2017:

Another step done!! Bar code and graphic purchased and generated. There are a massive amount of steps to this entire process. Some of which can be skipped to get it done more quickly.

Yet, I prefer to take all of the same steps, fill out all the forms, and do as much as possible as if this was being published by one of the big dawgs! Loving Kindness Books may be a small team of three (Team TLC) but we sure don’t have to look like it! Onward!!! xoxo

barcode graphic where would you fly december 2017

**Would you like to help us reach our goal of 50 books pre-sold? It will also help us with the last leg of this journey of bringing the book to life! We’ve pre-sold 31 so far! To learn more about the book or to pre-order, go here … https://www.LillianDarnell.com/author …