Are We Focusing on What Really Matters


November 19 2014:

I was gifted a ticket to a dinner event tonight which I joyfully accepted and attended. I really love talking with others and having conversations that go deeper than “How are the kids? and How are things going?” I love asking people questions beyond small talk and learning more and sharing moments with them.

I was thinking about the difference between now and when I used to attend these events regularly without missing one single event for 3 years when I walked by the kitchen table and saw this note that Lillian wrote in class today … Made my eyes sweat like crazy ….

Here I am focusing on things that really don’t matter and receiving a timely little reminder to be grateful, grateful, grateful. I am grateful to all who have stood by me as I’ve done some intense soul searching over the past few years … Grateful for life. Grateful for LOVE. Grateful for amazing kids who are two of my greatest teachers. And grateful to the person who gifted me that ticket!

Grateful Note from Lillian 11.19.14

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