Throwback Post: Gratitude With Cranberry Sauce While Having Fun With Cornbread


November 23 2012:

Lillian’s gratitude today:

I am thankful to get out the Christmas decorations today.


Today I am thankful simply for the ability to feel and be grateful … There’s so much to be grateful for when we quiet our mind, have an appreciation and love of nature, stop comparing ourselves to one another, and move away from always wanting more. Warm Hugs to Y’all this Friday afternoon!


Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m thankful and grateful for everything I have.


November 23 2011:

Today I am thankful for . . .


Making the cranberry sauce … Love this stuff!


November 23 2010:

Rachel Flower and I had a ball in the Reno Photobooth Company booth provided by Jo Shaw at the eWomenNetwork Reno/Carson/Tahoe/Vegas/Sierra Nevadas Chapter Holiday Extravaganza Friday night!! Having fun is so much FUN!! Thanks for the laughs Rachel and for the beautiful collaboration between Different iz Good . . . Spread the Word and Do it Different!!


Fireside picnic lunch. Yippee!!!!


November 23 2009:

Pure gold!! Our care package arrived from Mississippi!!! WooooooooHooooooooo!! A must have so we can make cornbread for our Thanksgiving cornbread dressin!!!

Dear Lillian – You Have Indeed Changed My Life


December 16 2015:

Dear Lillian Darnell,

You have indeed changed my life … Before you even arrived you made it clear that you were going to live life on your terms, being who you were meant to be. I had plans. You taught me that plans aren’t why we’re here. You were the catalyst to breakthrough after breakthrough in my own journey home.

A journey of remembering who I am, my own worthiness, and my purpose for being here. And, ultimately for learning to live my life from love and not fear, making choices based on love and not fear. This has, indeed, changed my life for the better! I am eternally grateful that you are the “L” in our Team TLC; full of love and always YOU!! I look forward with great joy to all of our “future” present moments!


Gratitude for the Marvelous Marvs!! I read a Hay House newsletter the other day that ended with a suggestion to write down the names of the most positive people in your life and the people who have changed your life for the better.

It was further suggested to take the time right now to write one of them a letter or dedicate a post to them on Facebook. Tell them how you feel. Don’t just say it, write it down. It has much more meaning when you take the time to put it in physical form and write it down. I decided I’d like to do this for about a week or so.

Perhaps you would like to do something similar! …. xoxoxo ….

Lillian Damonte Ranch Posted with Gratitude Letter 12.16.15

Are We Focusing on What Really Matters


November 19 2014:

I was gifted a ticket to a dinner event tonight which I joyfully accepted and attended. I really love talking with others and having conversations that go deeper than “How are the kids? and How are things going?” I love asking people questions beyond small talk and learning more and sharing moments with them.

I was thinking about the difference between now and when I used to attend these events regularly without missing one single event for 3 years when I walked by the kitchen table and saw this note that Lillian wrote in class today … Made my eyes sweat like crazy ….

Here I am focusing on things that really don’t matter and receiving a timely little reminder to be grateful, grateful, grateful. I am grateful to all who have stood by me as I’ve done some intense soul searching over the past few years … Grateful for life. Grateful for LOVE. Grateful for amazing kids who are two of my greatest teachers. And grateful to the person who gifted me that ticket!

Grateful Note from Lillian 11.19.14

Camilla’s Gratitude List: Week of April 15, 2012


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April 15, 2012, Sunday, I am grateful for: A break from my beautiful kids. Ted Darnell … for being here to give me that break. Pantry and fridge full of good, wholesome, beautiful food. Great friends. Kymberlee Simantel, Cheri Hill, … Continue reading

Camilla’s Gratitude List: Week of February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012, Sunday, I am grateful for:

Grits, bacon and toast.
Thomas’ love for Lillian.
Thomas’ excitement and enthusiasm for reading.
Experiencing Thomas’ imagination.
A Lillian vacation.
Great, helpful, kind and caring friends.

February 13, 2012, Monday, I am grateful for:

Receiving what I need exactly when I need it.
Experiencing first hand the power our thoughts hold.
Friends and family who love and support me.
The ability to change my thoughts and habits.
Lillian having a GREAT time with Momma and Frank.
Lillian’s smile.
Thomas’ hugs.

February 14, 2012, Tuesday, I am grateful for:

A morning all to myself.
Hearing Thomas say, “This place is beautiful” today at Geiger Lookout Park.
Subway sandwiches.
The Internet.

February 15, 2012, Wednesday, I am grateful for:

Snow ball fight with Thomas.
Building a snowman with Thomas.
Natalie Gorden.
Daniel Svoboda.
Janet Storie.
Hugs from friends.
Laughter with friends.
eWomenNetwork Reno chapter.
Kymberlee Simantel.
Tina Haley.

February 16, 2012, Thursday, I am grateful for:

The support of friends.
My nice warm, comfy, cozy bed.
Lillian’s smile.
Thomas hugs.

February 17, 2012, Friday, I am grateful for:

Diana Michelotti.
Dr. Amanda Rammel.
My Daddy, Robert Downs.
A special lunch date with Thomas.
Thomas’ inquisitive mind.
Our house.
Our car.

February 18, 2012, Saturday, I am grateful for:

Time alone with Thomas.
My Mammaw Downs.
Sense of taste.
Adventures with Thomas.
Gas for our car.
The abundance of parks in our area.
Thomas’ excitement and pride in himself.
Movie night with Thomas.
My Jr. High friend Lillie Salsberry.
Friends and supporters who have pre-purchased SIXTEEN “D iz for Different” books.