Getting Ready for the Chromosome 18 Conference

March 22 2019:

She says to me that she just got done watching a video of someone riding the elevator at the Colorado Springs Marriott. I say something like, you are one crazy girl!

Well, she wanted to know if there’s music playing in the elevator! The Colorado Springs Marriott is where the Chromosome 18 conference is being held this July.

She’s already watched a video someone recorded of a train ride into Denver. Just video of the landscape as it goes by …. She’s watched a video of someone flying from Reno to Colorado Springs (or Denver). Just video of the sky and clouds as they go by …. I haven’t decided which method of travel we’re going to use to get there. So, she’s just preparing herself for whatever we end up using.

She’s researched everything there is to know about the Colorado Springs Marriott, everything there is to know about restaurants in the area, and read tons of reviews for both.

She created her “to pack” list today and the excitement is building. She keeps asking what she can do to help earn money to put towards the conference. Lillian Darnell is one dedicated person!! You go Lillian!!!

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