Movie Night – The Canterville Ghost

October 12 2019:

Team TLC Movie Night: Double Feature – “The Canterville Ghost” – An October tradition for us.

I say, “Love that we watch this every October. Such a fun and sweet movie. Very, very loosely based on the book by Oscar Wilde.”

Thomas says, “It’s good, as always.”

Lillian sat this one out. She’s a bit tired of this one! Ha!

Asking for Help and Please and Thank YOU – Chromosome 18 Family Conference

July 13 2019:

I’ve never used this before … Yet, I’m kinda, sort of, like, REALLY exhausted and was moved to give this a go for the wee bit remaining to fully cover the cost of this year’s Chromosome 18 Conference. If it moves you and you feel it the right thing to do, please share. Much love! The conference is being held July 21st-24th in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Once a year she gets the opportunity to be amongst friends and those who get her, those who judge not. Once a year, she gets the opportunity to attend a life changing event. And, every year it does, sometimes a small change, sometimes a huge change. She chooses the time approaching this once a year event, and at the event itself, to conquer fears so as to have exciting news to share with friends …….

Visit this link to read more and to share should it move you. With deep gratitude for all who have shared and donated in the past few days.


Getting Ready for the Chromosome 18 Conference

March 22 2019:

She says to me that she just got done watching a video of someone riding the elevator at the Colorado Springs Marriott. I say something like, you are one crazy girl!

Well, she wanted to know if there’s music playing in the elevator! The Colorado Springs Marriott is where the Chromosome 18 conference is being held this July.

She’s already watched a video someone recorded of a train ride into Denver. Just video of the landscape as it goes by …. She’s watched a video of someone flying from Reno to Colorado Springs (or Denver). Just video of the sky and clouds as they go by …. I haven’t decided which method of travel we’re going to use to get there. So, she’s just preparing herself for whatever we end up using.

She’s researched everything there is to know about the Colorado Springs Marriott, everything there is to know about restaurants in the area, and read tons of reviews for both.

She created her “to pack” list today and the excitement is building. She keeps asking what she can do to help earn money to put towards the conference. Lillian Darnell is one dedicated person!! You go Lillian!!!

The Most Miraculous Things – Dodgeball for a Cause

December 18 2018:

The most miraculous things happen when we embrace and love it all …

At about 8:00 last night, I received an email that Lillian’s attendance at next year’s Chromosome 18 Conference will be partially funded by a local Reno nonprofit … Hallelujah … Dodgeball for a Cause

I will soon be sharing information about this wonderful, local, nonprofit and their upcoming once per year fundraiser. They help several families each year.

My heart is bursting and dripping with ooey gooey gratitude from all of the blessings being delivered in this past week.

(Picture from the 2018 Baltimore conference … The Giggling Duo … Macy and Lillian … The Best of Friends … )