Easter Sunday 2019 – Hoppy Hoppy Joy Joy

April 21 2019:

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Beautiful flowers at The Romano Duo’s place …. 🧡🧡🧡

Getting ready for some yummy delicious food and laughter at The Romano Duo’s place.

Almost didn’t make it! Rosey, the car, now has crack in the radiator and was overheating on the way here! Ugh!! All filled up with coolant again and ready for the drive home.

Now for the food post!!! Look at this cute cake my mom made! Thomas and Lillian each enjoyed pieces of the ear!!

And Frank made me a refreshing virgin Bloody Mary for starters. And, check out these amazing vegan “deviled eggs” she made just for me!!! I was pleasantly surprised!! They are yummy too (made from potato)!!

And, and, my very own vegan potato salad …. squeal! What a great meal this was! I brought the baked beans with chunks of “pork” (jackfruit). That was a hit!! Two more … check out that cucumber salad and roasted sweet potatoes!! Good food heaven!!!

More photos from Easter to include a couple of bloopers. I was tickling Thomas’ back. The last picture cracks me up! Lillian looks so innocent and I’m tickling Thomas.

The last of the photos from Easter Sunday. To include more silliness and bloopers!

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