No Longer a Valet While Watching Like a Hawk

August 13 2020

Another ‘to-do’ checked off during the two week break. Ordered and installed a new interior passenger door handle. After nearly a year, I no longer have to be a valet for Thomas! 🤣 Many times I forgot he couldn’t open the door, walking off and wondering why he wasn’t getting out of the car. He was not amused!

August 13 2020

It is time. I’ve got to get over my fear of what could potentially happen. Lillian needs foods chopped into small pieces or she will choke. The carrots and fruit were the last bit of her lunch making to take over for herself. Pray for me. Ha! This may do me in. Seriously, though, she is doing a fabulous job at keeping her fingertips and thumb out of the way.

PS … My comment is mostly tongue in cheek. I’ve taught and modeled the hold positions and watch her like a hawk when she’s cutting. A friend suggested having her watch some videos modeling technique, and think I’ll find some Youtube videos for her to watch too.

She’s doing a really good job with the form. She just doesn’t have much strength in her hands. So, carrots are a bit of a challenge.

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