Romano Duo Visit June 2016

June 26 2016:

We went over to The Romano Duo’s temporary home for the next 4 days. Had some fun at the pool. They get to have a sleepover Monday night!! First night of respite for me since last August. xoxo

We had company for tonight’s walk! They got to see the ducklings, goslings, comorants, a huge frog, and the beaver! YAY!

June 27 2016:

They just left for their sleepover with the Romano Duo! First, we all went for a swim and had lunch poolside. Now, they’re ready for some Duo lovin’! And I get the first time alone at home since last August. I love hanging out with Team TLC all together, yet I am going to cherish every moment of this alone time. xoxo

Romano Visit June 27 2016

We went out to eat for dinner, came home and had a dance party, Frank changed Rosey’s air filter and checked her fluids so we’re ready for the huge road trip we are undertaking next week … and we said our goodbyes …. Until next time Romano Duo ….. xoxoxo …



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