My Response is MY Choice and Picture and Clarity and Love and Light

November 6 2016:

Walk tonight with these two. Grateful for lessons they continue to teach me. My response is my choice. Others response is their choice. My state of BEing is up to me, no matter what. xoxo

walk-vintage-lake-11-6-16-1 walk-vintage-lake-11-6-16-2 walk-vintage-lake-11-6-16-3


November 8 2016:

From my walk this morning …. such beauty. I kept getting the feeling I needed to take a picture. As I turned for the last section, this. The take-a-picture feeling is so incredibly strong sometimes. This was one of those times.



November 9 2016:

Walk with Thomas yesterday afternoon …. Nature offers us a path to clarity when we need it most. Nature guides one back to the heart …. away from the ego. xoxo

walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-9-16-1 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-9-16-2 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-9-16-3 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-9-16-4 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-11-9-16-5


November 11 2016:

Walk this morning …. Love and light …… Be still my heart. Such beauty!! xoxo

walk-vintage-11-11-16-1 walk-vintage-11-11-16-2



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