Biggest Little Photographer to Meg and Buttercup

November 11 2016:

Thank you Barbara Richmond Chastain!!!! We got to deliver three books to Barb this afternoon! She bought one for herself and one for Buttercup and Meg since they are famous now!!!!

Actually, she’s very excited to be gifting the books to her grandkids. Barb’s place has its very own section in the book. We love you Barb and Buttercup and Meg too!!

A visit to Barbara Richmond Chastain’s place is always a treat. Thomas says, “Every time we come here, you two spend more time talking then I do riding Meg.” Told him that I was sorry about that and he said, “That’s okay. I wasn’t complaining. It was just an observation.”

Barb: Your grace, patience, kindness, and acceptance of Thomas and his abundance of and nonstop questions is wonderful. Thank you. xoxo

barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-1 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-2 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-3 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-4 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-5 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-6 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-7 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-8 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-9 barb-meg-and-buttercup-with-biggest-little-book-11-11-16-10

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