Thomas and Camilla October 2016 Date Day

October 24 2016:

Thomas and Camilla October 2016 Date Day – We are so happy and grateful they have a location in south Reno now!!!

First stop – Great Full Gardens South Meadows Reno – for the best food ever. Seriously. I felt transported away to a little food heaven oasis. It’s not just the food. It’s the choice of music, the yummy water, and the heart of the place.

Thomas had a Great Full burger. I had a vegan Reuben with a side of vegan slaw. The BEST Reuben and slaw I’ve ever tasted. We shared a cup of pumpkin soup. Thomas practically inhaled his food. He kinda liked it!!!!! Then we had a blow my mind vegan root beer float with coconut bliss ice cream and Oogave root beer.

date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-1 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-2 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-3 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-4 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-5 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-6 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-7 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-8 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-lunch-9

Second stop: A visit and walk at one of our favorite parks with wind blowing so hard it was difficult to walk.

We reminisced about all the years Thomas has played on this equipment (since 1 year old). Specifically, how he climbed the “tree branch” every time, how difficult it was, and how he fell off one time. (The one he’s sitting at the top of in the pictures.)

Then for that walk in crazy wild wind … where we expanded further on our business idea for the huge pile of dirt we pass every time.

My heart is so full. I’m incredibly grateful I began Date days with them when they were babies. Most dates are simple and always have a nature component. They’ve shifted over the years and have great meaning for all of us.

date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-park-1 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-park-2 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-park-3 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-park-4 date-day-with-thomas-10-24-16-park-5

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