Snug and Cozy New Years Eve Celebration 2016

January 1 2017

Team TLC snug n cozy celebration with ….

Pomegranate Italian Soda for Thomas and I and pressed apple juice for Lillian, cheese and cracker tray, root vegetable chips, and vegetarian chili scooped over avocado. Part 1

new-years-eve-celebration-2016-1 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-2 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-3 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-4 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-5

Team TLC snug n cozy celebration …. Part 2

Ended the night with a Letting Go and Calling In Burning Ceremony. xoxo

new-years-eve-celebration-2016-6 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-7 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-8 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-9

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