Team TLC New Year’s Eve 2017 – Walking and Collage Boards and Letting Go

December 31 2017:

Thomas and I went for one last walk for 2017. Then home for working on our 2018 collage boards and paper strips for a letting go burning ceremony later tonight.

And, next, celebrating on east coast time watching the ball drop and toasting with pink grapefruit Italian soda! Then listening to two of my favorite songs …. Imagine and Watching the Wheels. Peace and Love.

Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 12.31.17 #1 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 12.31.17 #2 New Years Eve 12.31.17 #1 New Years Eve 12.31.17 #2 New Years Eve 12.31.17 #3Team TLC New Year's Eve 12.31.17 #1Team TLC New Year's Eve 12.31.17 #2Team TLC New Year's Eve 12.31.17 #3Team TLC New Year's Eve 12.31.17 #4Team TLC New Year's Eve 12.31.17 #5Team TLC New Year's Eve 12.31.17 #6Team TLC New Year's Eve 12.31.17 #7

Team TLC letting go burning ceremony to end the year and begin the new year.

Then 108 strikes on the Tibetan singing bowl to let go of impediments to enlightenment.

New Year's Eve Letting Go Burning Ceremony 12.31.17 #1

WOW! 2017 was a wild ride! Here’s to 2018 – I Love You! May you be poetic, inviting, and overflowing with love, abundance, and peace. xoxo

Team TLC New Years Eve 12.31.17

How to Let Go Through Ceremony

January 13 2017:

Top 10 Countdown Continues! The Number NINE 2016 blog post with the most views (Three blog posts tied for this space. Here’s the second.): “Letting Go Burning Ceremony” ……. xoxoxoxoxo ……

Letting Go Burning Ceremony

“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

.. from the blog … “We wrote stories, beliefs, habits, and fears on strips of paper. It was such a wonderful, blissful feeling sitting with both of them doing this. They really, truly understood the process and what types of things to write on the strips. I was so moved. There was a beautiful excitement in the air. A magical anticipation of ….”


Snug and Cozy New Years Eve Celebration 2016

January 1 2017

Team TLC snug n cozy celebration with ….

Pomegranate Italian Soda for Thomas and I and pressed apple juice for Lillian, cheese and cracker tray, root vegetable chips, and vegetarian chili scooped over avocado. Part 1

new-years-eve-celebration-2016-1 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-2 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-3 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-4 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-5

Team TLC snug n cozy celebration …. Part 2

Ended the night with a Letting Go and Calling In Burning Ceremony. xoxo

new-years-eve-celebration-2016-6 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-7 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-8 new-years-eve-celebration-2016-9

Feldenkrais and Letting Go and Sitting and Trotting and Happy and Rocks and Weaving

September 20 2016:

Thomas and I got to experience a Reno Feldenkrais Integrative Movement, Carole Bucher class this morning. Wonderfully grounding!!! Thank you Carole Bucher for your loving kindness!!! 💙💚

It was wonderful! The exercises we did also facilitated some good stuff with my heart and throat chakra … I was flooded with blues and greens when my eyes were closed! Thomas says he does want to come again. He will just make sure to bring a little pillow and we won’t get lost and be late!



September 20 2016:

This has been a month of firsts for me … So many! This morning is another. I’ll be sitting for the Portrait Society of Reno as a live model for the class to paint. It’s been a time of saying “Yes” more often than saying “No”.

And today’s adventure stemmed from saying, “yes”, to something I would normally have said “no” to doing. The past few months have been a time of really listening to my intuition and going with it, even if I don’t understand why in the beginning. The why becomes clear eventually … xoxoxo



Last night we had the 3rd quarter “Letting Go Burning Ceremony”. It was our 4th one together as we began having it the last quarter of 2015.

There is much, much growth and learning happening here lately! As witnessed by the lack of focus on what T & L should include on their OWN strips of paper … And, arguing about what the other one should be including on their strip of paper …. Yes! Much learning for all 3 of us. xoxo

letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-5 letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-4 letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-3 letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-2 letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-1


September 21 2016:

That’s where I sat this morning for 3 hours. Twenty minutes at a time, with a five minute break every 20. One of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever done!! Not smiling and staring at the same spot the whole time. It took 3 twenty minute rounds before I was able to relax!

Perfect exercise in mindfulness!!! Big time!! Don’t think I could do that again, unless I could be looking at a book or sitting in meditation pose.

I’m glad I said, “Yes”, though. I will never wonder, “What if?” Plus, I discovered a fabulous local place I didn’t know about and met some amazing folks!

camilla-portrait-sitting-9-21-16-4 camilla-portrait-sitting-9-21-16-3 camilla-portrait-sitting-9-21-16-2 camilla-portrait-sitting-9-21-16-1


September 23 2016:

Field trip for Thomas today!!! He got to go visit Meg … And you too Barbara Richmond Chastain!! Imagine our delight when we spotted Thomas’ painted rocks amongst the other vibrant decorations.

Thank you Barb!!! Thomas loved, loved, loved it! I’m glad we got to chat for a few minutes too. I always enjoy our chats. xoxo

thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-5 thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-4 thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-3 thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-2 thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-1

At the conclusion of Thomas’ lesson, Barbara Richmond Chastain asked, “What was your favorite part?” ….. I didn’t question my intuition when I was nudged to video this one little piece of the entire lesson. I just did it. Thomas’ answer, “The trotting!” ….. xoxo


September 24 2016:

Another first and another “Yes!” …. A new resident posted in the community resident portal (kinda like a Facebook for The Vintage residents) that she needed someone to walk her dog in the middle of the day while she’s at work. I told her we’d be happy to do it!

When she and I met last weekend, it was such a relaxed conversation … Like we already knew one another. She’s here for 4 months on a consulting job.

We are blessed she came into our life and brought along “Happy” for us to enjoy almost every day of the week for 4 months. He’s 9 years old and an amazing and gentle fellow.

I have high hopes Lillian will let Happy be the dog that helps her with the fear and anxiety surrounding dogs. And his human is all for it too!!! Yes. Thank you. Bring us more please. xoxoxo

thomas-with-happy-9-24-16-3 thomas-with-happy-9-24-16-2 thomas-with-happy-9-24-16-1


September 24 2016:

It’s a wonderful day to mail Painted Rocks by Thomas to the beautiful soul who has commissioned Thomas to paint two a month. She’s gifting them to those who donate in a yearly fundraiser! Blessed!! On their way!! xoxo



September 24 2016:

Hand weaving ….. Thomas absolutely loves this. He loved it last year and again this year. He likes the math involved! This time we learned how he could make his own handmade loom!!

Although, he truly loves this one in the picture with the foot pedals. Anyone have one they aren’t using? Thank you Reno Fiber Guild!!!!

thomas-weaving-9-24-16-4 thomas-weaving-9-24-16-3 thomas-weaving-9-24-16-2 thomas-weaving-9-24-16-1