The Beauty of Blossoms and Investing and Another Step and Meteor Shower

August 7 2016:

The poem is finally finished that goes along with the tree blossom painted rock.

I delivered the rock at the conference, yet, simply had run short of time and the heart space I wanted for creating the poem before conference. Thank you Steve Poteete-Marshall for your support!! Will mail it to you next week.

A friend posted the other image one day last week and it moved me to tears. Oceans of thanks and gratitude for all who support and encourage the creations I put forth … whether with my writings or other artistic creations! It truly means the world to me and my little Team TLC … xoxoxoxo

tree-blossom-painted-rock-may-2016 beauty-of-blossoms-poem-goes-with-tree-blossom-rock-painting-august-2016 artist-quote-2016


August 11 2016:

Thomas wants to learn about stocks and investing so we went to the library today and got him a few books. I also gave him a couple of websites to visit. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a book, website, or class for beginners? I was really on top of it in the early to mid 2000’s …. yet, life kinda took a drastic turn! Thanks!



August 12 2016:

Just finished one more step for Thomas’ book! Actually took a step backwards as we decided to group the photos into themes. Now we can continue with the layout. It feels wonderful to be one step closer!

Want a little burst of inspiration? Watch the 1 minute trailer. Even if you aren’t interested in the book, you might get a shot of “I can do it” from the trailer. Oceans of gratitude for those who continue to pre-purchase, share, and comment!

Here’s another of the photos to be included.



August 13 2016:

Thomas and Lillian wanted to get up in the wee hours this morning to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Perseid meteor shower.

My alarm went off at 3:00, yet I turned it off and went right back to sleep. Woke up again at 4:00, got them up and we walked to the lake. We didn’t see as much as we could have further out from city lights or if we’d done it yesterday morning, yet we each got to see at least one! It was so cool! Then home and back to bed!

These are pictures from our day yesterday. Working in the morning, found a heart shaped chip while making lunches, and then Thomas and I went for a swim. Shared an online business idea with each of them and they liked it so took the first step with that.

Lillian wrote and published her next “Emotions with Animals” blog post. I worked on Thomas’ book AND I found a website where Thomas can practice buying stocks in a simulated environment. He’s pretty excited about it! Busy day!

After receiving the extremely sad news about our C18 friend, Heather, we ended the evening with lots of discussion and writing compliment cards for each other and for ourselves.

team-tlc-day-8-12-16-4 team-tlc-day-8-12-16-3 team-tlc-day-8-12-16-2-heart team-tlc-day-8-12-16-1

Another Step and Floating and Celebration and Rocks and Library

August 1 2016:

Finished another step for Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer, this afternoon! Onward! Blessings abound! Our upstairs neighbor who is headed back to Montana this weekend, bought 2 books. (Sample of a photo that will be in the book)

She has been here with her son attending a specialty school (right behind us) for those with neurologic conditions similar to autism. They should be back in December to resume school.

Thank you to everyone who continues to share, like, comment, and pre-order the book. We overflow with gratitude! xoxo

Biggest #174 - 4 page

August 2 2016:

There are times when a swim feels amazing and then there are times like today. Those times when all that exists is you and the water with an indescribably peaceful feeling …. Floating and feeling the water against ones skin. Today has been weird. This was a blessing in the weirdness! xoxo


August 3 2016:

Team TLC made a celebratory giant almond flour cocoa brownie this afternoon. Celebrating the first step taken today towards a Team TLC dream. xoxoxo



August 5 2016:

Went to get in bed last night and saw someone beat me to it! So blessed that Thomas keeps me smiling! I knew he was giggling for some reason!



August 5 2016:

It’s a great day to mail two of Thomas’ painted rocks and a great day to deliver the two peacock rocks I painted!! I love LOVE!!! Thanks tons for supporting Team TLC!! xoxo



August 5 2016:

It was library day for Team TLC. We have wanted to visit this library for years! Today was the day! We will return as we loved it!

Thomas and Lillian had a great time and Thomas said he never wanted to leave. Beautiful drive up and back down Mt Rose.

“To open a book, is to discover another world. To read a book is to explore new worlds.” ~me

incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-5 incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-4 incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-3 incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-2 incline-village-library-day-8-5-16-1

The drive back home …. My hair was blowing in Thomas’ mouth! HA! He can make some crazy faces!! Lake Tahoe is incredibly beautiful. Words and pictures simply cannot capture the grace and peace.

incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-7 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-6 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-5 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-4 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-3 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-2 incline-village-library-drive-home-8-5-16-1


Feldenkrais and Letting Go and Sitting and Trotting and Happy and Rocks and Weaving

September 20 2016:

Thomas and I got to experience a Reno Feldenkrais Integrative Movement, Carole Bucher class this morning. Wonderfully grounding!!! Thank you Carole Bucher for your loving kindness!!! 💙💚

It was wonderful! The exercises we did also facilitated some good stuff with my heart and throat chakra … I was flooded with blues and greens when my eyes were closed! Thomas says he does want to come again. He will just make sure to bring a little pillow and we won’t get lost and be late!



September 20 2016:

This has been a month of firsts for me … So many! This morning is another. I’ll be sitting for the Portrait Society of Reno as a live model for the class to paint. It’s been a time of saying “Yes” more often than saying “No”.

And today’s adventure stemmed from saying, “yes”, to something I would normally have said “no” to doing. The past few months have been a time of really listening to my intuition and going with it, even if I don’t understand why in the beginning. The why becomes clear eventually … xoxoxo



Last night we had the 3rd quarter “Letting Go Burning Ceremony”. It was our 4th one together as we began having it the last quarter of 2015.

There is much, much growth and learning happening here lately! As witnessed by the lack of focus on what T & L should include on their OWN strips of paper … And, arguing about what the other one should be including on their strip of paper …. Yes! Much learning for all 3 of us. xoxo

letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-5 letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-4 letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-3 letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-2 letting-go-ceremony-9-20-16-1


September 21 2016:

That’s where I sat this morning for 3 hours. Twenty minutes at a time, with a five minute break every 20. One of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever done!! Not smiling and staring at the same spot the whole time. It took 3 twenty minute rounds before I was able to relax!

Perfect exercise in mindfulness!!! Big time!! Don’t think I could do that again, unless I could be looking at a book or sitting in meditation pose.

I’m glad I said, “Yes”, though. I will never wonder, “What if?” Plus, I discovered a fabulous local place I didn’t know about and met some amazing folks!

camilla-portrait-sitting-9-21-16-4 camilla-portrait-sitting-9-21-16-3 camilla-portrait-sitting-9-21-16-2 camilla-portrait-sitting-9-21-16-1


September 23 2016:

Field trip for Thomas today!!! He got to go visit Meg … And you too Barbara Richmond Chastain!! Imagine our delight when we spotted Thomas’ painted rocks amongst the other vibrant decorations.

Thank you Barb!!! Thomas loved, loved, loved it! I’m glad we got to chat for a few minutes too. I always enjoy our chats. xoxo

thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-5 thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-4 thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-3 thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-2 thomas-riding-meg-9-23-16-1

At the conclusion of Thomas’ lesson, Barbara Richmond Chastain asked, “What was your favorite part?” ….. I didn’t question my intuition when I was nudged to video this one little piece of the entire lesson. I just did it. Thomas’ answer, “The trotting!” ….. xoxo


September 24 2016:

Another first and another “Yes!” …. A new resident posted in the community resident portal (kinda like a Facebook for The Vintage residents) that she needed someone to walk her dog in the middle of the day while she’s at work. I told her we’d be happy to do it!

When she and I met last weekend, it was such a relaxed conversation … Like we already knew one another. She’s here for 4 months on a consulting job.

We are blessed she came into our life and brought along “Happy” for us to enjoy almost every day of the week for 4 months. He’s 9 years old and an amazing and gentle fellow.

I have high hopes Lillian will let Happy be the dog that helps her with the fear and anxiety surrounding dogs. And his human is all for it too!!! Yes. Thank you. Bring us more please. xoxoxo

thomas-with-happy-9-24-16-3 thomas-with-happy-9-24-16-2 thomas-with-happy-9-24-16-1


September 24 2016:

It’s a wonderful day to mail Painted Rocks by Thomas to the beautiful soul who has commissioned Thomas to paint two a month. She’s gifting them to those who donate in a yearly fundraiser! Blessed!! On their way!! xoxo



September 24 2016:

Hand weaving ….. Thomas absolutely loves this. He loved it last year and again this year. He likes the math involved! This time we learned how he could make his own handmade loom!!

Although, he truly loves this one in the picture with the foot pedals. Anyone have one they aren’t using? Thank you Reno Fiber Guild!!!!

thomas-weaving-9-24-16-4 thomas-weaving-9-24-16-3 thomas-weaving-9-24-16-2 thomas-weaving-9-24-16-1

Painted Peacock Rocks

July 29 2016:

About a month and a half ago, a friend requested a peacock. I was so wrapped up in getting us to the C18 Conference and then recovering from the trip, that I just now got to it this past week. I wasn’t happy with the first peacock I created so I created another so that she could choose which one she liked.

She chose both. It has been a week of so many incredible blessings. I got so much done on Thomas’ book this week too. I place my head on the pillow tonight with a heart, mind, and soul in complete peace and relaxation. xoxoxo

Thomas, Lillian and Camilla = Team TLC
See It. Share It. BE IT … Spread Love Everywhere You Go!

Wonderfully exciting news! We’ve completed the first book trailer for Thomas’ upcoming book, Biggest Little Photographer. You can learn more and pre-order here.